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As a native Ocean City resident, Frank Benvenuto has seen the area change over time. In fact, he went to elementary school in what is now city hall. The city changes, and so does its state and local laws. At our law firm, we seek to uphold the law and protect the rights of Worcester County residents and our out-of-state visitors.

There are, broadly speaking, two justice systems: criminal and civil. Attorney Frank Benvenuto is a criminal law attorney and trial lawyer as well as a civil litigator. He is very comfortable in court because it is where he gets to help people the most. When someone is a skilled trial lawyer, he or she is better able to access the strengths and weaknesses of state cases and, when necessary, negotiate a plea or settlement. That is what we do at our law firm.

We work as though we're going to court, so that we're in a strong position to either negotiate or actually go to trial.

At Frank Benvenuto, P.A. Attorney At Law, we represent clients in civil or criminal matters. Please call anytime for help with any of the following types of legal issues:

  • Traffic violations (driving while intoxicated, driving while under the influence of drugs/alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, driving while license suspended, driving without a license, reckless driving, negligent driving or speeding)
  • Criminal defense of violent crimes (assault, domestic assault, battery), sex crimes (rape, sexual assault), drug crimes (drug possession or drug trafficking of prescription or illegal drugs), DUI defense, property crimes (theft, shoplifting, robbery, burglary, embezzlement) and other charges (disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstructing and hindering)
  • Civil litigation for family law matters (divorce, child custody, child support), employment issues (workers' compensation, sexual harassment, business and contractual disputes), personal injury (auto accidents and other injuries), estate and probate matters (will contests) and other civil litigation (immigration or collections)

Client service is also an important area, and we strive at all times to treat you the way we would like to be treated. Because of this customer service attitude, attorney Benvenuto was nominated for a newspaper customer service satisfaction award recognition by a former client.

Attorney Benvenuto was a past president of the Worcester County Bar Association and a former adjunct professor at Salisbury University.

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Our Civil Litigation Practice

Criminal law is not the only area where Frank Benvenuto practices. He has handled civil matters such as personal injury accidents and divorce matters for some 21 years. Having a skilled civil trial attorney is extremely important to obtain good results.

Personal Injury Representation

Are you aware that Maryland is a contributory negligence state? This means that if you are even one percent negligent in causing your own injuries you cannot recover damages? Our advice would be to be very careful about what you say to the insurance liability carrier. We would even advise you to not make any statement to the liability insurance carrier until you have had an opportunity to speak with and may employ the counsel. This is because you may inadvertently say something that can be misconstrued, and which adversely affects your personal injury claim.

It is the liability carrier representative's job to look for a reason not to pay you! Don't give that to them! We prefer to meet with you first and then give the liability carrier a carefully prepared statement that explains how the accident occurred.

Divorce And Family Law

In Maryland, there are two types of divorces: a temporary divorce (pendente lite) and a final (absolute) divorce. Child custody and visitation issues are governed by the best interest of the child standard. Today property division in Maryland can be very complicated. Especially, when you are dealing with the governmental pension plans, profit-sharing plans and business evaluations.

Alimony awards are evaluated using approximately twelve (12) statutory factors such as a disparity of income, agreement between parties, standard of living parties established during marriage, need for education and training, age, physical and mental condition of each party, contributions both monetary and nonmonetary of each party, and the circumstances that contributed to the estrangement of the marriage, etc.

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With offices in Ocean City and Berlin, Maryland, Frank Benvenuto, P.A. Attorney At Law, serves clients throughout Worcester County. Send us an email to arrange for a free initial consultation, or call 410-641-2999 so we can begin working on your legal issue. After business hours, you can reach attorney Benvenuto on his cell at 443-783-2451.