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In Ocean City, open beer in public now can lead to arrest.

Town Council passes 'emergency ordinance' to change open container law.

June 18, 2012 | By Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun

Note to summer vacationers: Drinking a beer in public in Ocean City can now get you arrested, even if you're older than 21.

On Monday night, at the direct request of the Ocean City Police Department, the Ocean City Town Council unanimously passed an "emergency ordinance" to change the punishment for possessing an open alcohol container in public from a municipal infraction to a misdemeanor offense.... read more

- Editorial Note -
From the article ... "Officers can also choose to simply issue the person a criminal citation for the offense, rather than the civil citation previously handed out, and let them leave the scene,"

In other words, if you are "Joe Family Man" being good, just a warning, but if they suspect you of something, or don't like the "cut of your jib", they can arrest you. If you happen to be holding something else illegal - a sad day for you! ~FB

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