Arrest Warrants

If you have been contacted by the Worcester County sheriff's department or any other police agency in Maryland and informed that you have an active warrant for your arrest, please contact me at 410-641-2999. I believe I can help you.

Many visitors come to Ocean City, make some bad choices, and then later find out that they were charged with a crime, but failed to appear for trial and find out that there is an actual warrant out for their arrest. I have many people call me and ask me "Since the warrant is a Maryland warrant and I live in another state, will it affect me"? The answer is YES.

What normally happens, is once the Maryland warrant for your arrest is issued and say if you happened to commit a traffic violation such as run a stop sign in another state, the police officer who stops you, will run you to see if there are any actual warrants, and he/she will then see if you have an active arrest warrant in Maryland. The police officer who stops you and then, once confirms the active Maryland warrant, will then arrest you in the state you are physically located. That the state will either hold you until you make bail or until the state of Maryland decides to extradite (come and get) you. This can be a complicated and arduous (tough) process.

So you ask yourself, "How can I help you"? First, once I am retained, I will attempt to have the warrant recalled and get your case set in for trial. However, if the judge declines to recall the warrant, then I can make the process a little easier by putting you in contact with a local bail bondsmen so that you can come down, turn yourself in, and post bail. Although, in the past, I have been very successful in having arrest warrants recalled, there is no guarantee that the judge will recall the warrant. However, once the warrant has been recalled or bond posted, I will enter my appearance and request discovery so that I can see what evidence the state has to make its case against you.